Diabetic Foot Care:

Misconception: Diabetics don’t need any special care for their feet.

Fact: It is very important for Diabetics to have specialized foot care. Being too aggressive with a diabetic can cause problems. A simple cut can become a very serious problem because Diabetics do not heal as fast as non-diabetics.

Neuropathy, which is a loss of sensation of the feet, is a very common problem because it means they don’t always feel issues starting. Like corns discussed earlier, Diabetic Ulcers can occur where there is rubbing on a particular pressure point on the feet. Because of the Neuropathy and the poor circulation they have to be very careful because an infection can happen and if untreated, Gangrene can occur.

Other side effect that can occur because of diabetes is discoloured or thick nails and fungal infections due to the poor circulation.  Also, Diabetics are generally more susceptible to dry skin.

Having a qualified and experienced esthetician and even better a Certified Podologist work on the feet of a diabetic is important so they can maintain the health of the feet and can look for any changes that might need medical help. Having a professional take the right steps and the extra care that is needed to provide a safe treatment with a diabetic is so important. Young or old ALL diabetics should have proper foot care!