"I recently had a gentleman’s pedicure from Corina.  Like many guys, I had never thought seriously about getting one before, as "pedicures were something women got.”  However, my partner had such a positive experience with her own pedicure and really encouraged me to try one.  So I did.  And I’ve now come to realize there is nothing manly or heroic about jagged toenails and rough cracked skin on your heels that wear holes in your socks.  Corina did a masterful job thinning and evening out my nails and smoothing off the rough skin on my heels and balls of my feet.  It felt really good and, frankly, my feet haven’t looked this good since I was about five years old.   Corina is also a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about foot problems and the importance of looking after them.  It was a fun, enlightening experience, and I’ll be back.”


Corina is in a class by herself. Very simply stated, she is the best!  I suffered with post-surgical issues with my feet for several years which had an impact on every aspect of my life. I had very modest expectations with my first treatment a couple of years ago since nothing had alleviated my pain in the past. Corina’s treatment was a game changer! No pain… like walking on a cloud!  I have reclaimed my life!

Thank you Corina!


“We are both absolutely thrilled with the services we received! My pedicure was the best I have EVER had, and over the last 35 years I’ve had many! My husband feels the same. He has only begun getting pedicures/foot care the last couple of years since his big toes have become problematic. More important than the fabulous pedicures was your willingness to go so far above and beyond with the reflexology and reiki. We feel like we’re treading water right now in this waiting game to get cancer treatment for him. Coming to you right now was fortuitous as we both felt such an incredibly high level of caring. I can’t thank you enough for what you have provided in both physical and mental well being.”


“I had a pedicure last May with Corina. At that time she noticed a spot on my left heel. I had it checked out at my Drs office which she diagnosed as a wart. I then returned for another pedicure with Corina and she said "I don't think that's a wart". I then returned to my Dr to have the "wart " removed when she decided to refer me to a dermatologist to make sure it was just a wart.  Eight weeks later my lab work came back and it was a melanoma. I was rushed to treatment and was operated on within 6 weeks. A large part of my heel was removed and four lymph nodes were removed in my groin to make sure the cancer hadn't spread.  Lucky for me it hadn't. Healing was very slow but that was 7 months ago and I'm back walking better and feeling good.  I can't thank Corina enough for being so insistent that she believed her suspicions. She is clearly passionate about her profession and commitment to foot care.”

Thank you again Corina.  Christina

“So I've just got to share this because it's literally going to change my life and maybe some one else could benefit from this. I've struggled with foot pain since my second pregnancy and friend recommended going to Above The Rest Esthetics, which I did last night for a medical pedicure and it's like I have new feet today! The pain is gone, and while I know I have work to do to figure out the right shoes, etc for running longer distances, I am so grateful to step out of bed on happy feet this morning.”


“My husband & I are competitive Senior Triathletes & Marathoners. We started to have pedicures 3 years ago, now I wonder how we ever did a marathons etc with out having such Happy Feet.  I have learned a lot about my feet!

Corina is always involved in up grading educationally in her work, her courses are ongoing so she is able to provide the best service to all her clients with her up-to-date knowledge.

We brought my father in law to Corina, he is in his 80's & was suffering with many foot & nail problems. He loved the compassionate care she gave him & his feet.  He & his feet have never been so pain free.  He has resumed his long walks.

Corina is always professional. Her warm, engaging positive and enthusiastic attitude is infectious.  Corina's warm personality, caring thoughtfulness of her clients shines through.

I have recommended Corina to all our friends, (many now are faithful customers) family, & fellow triathletes.  Corina has a number of other services I take advantage of as well.  Most of them for the first time, now I just can’t live without!  Thank you Corina you’re the best!”

Penni Fitzpatrick

“Personally think Corina is the best in town.”

Joanne Hoffman

“I've been a client of Above The Rest Esthetics for more than ten years and have been very impressed with Corina's professionalism. Her pursuit of a Bachelors of Science in Podology is testimony to her care and conscientiousness. On behalf of her loyal customers, we wish Corina the very best in her studies!”

Ellen Bayens  www.theceliacscene.com

“I have been seeing Corina at Above the Rest Esthetics for over 1 ½  years and love her fantastic salon. Corina’s attention to detail during pedicures or waxing have been excellent, I am always happy. Her professional but personalized service makes me feel very comfortable and welcome.  Corina’s salon is bright and clean, with state of the art machinery and computers.

     As an RN, I thoroughly respect her knowledge in foot care and feel she is an asset to anyone who needs that extra care and attention to many podiatry medical issues. I enjoy her warm and caring conversation and look forward to coming back for great services and great conversation.”


Vanessa Kriberg RN, BSN

“Corina is a very experienced professional esthetician. I have been receiving her services and care from her since she began in this business. She continues to be involved educationally in her work, taking courses ongoing to provide the best service to her clients with her up-to-date knowledge. I love her positive and enthusiastic approach to her work. I always look forward to going to appointments to chat as well as delight in her many offerings & services. Thank you, Corina!”  

Wendy G.

“I have been a client with Above the Rest Esthetics for almost 10 years now. I have had various procedures done with Corina and really value her knowledge and appreciate her professionalism. I also appreciate the cleanliness of Above the Rest and...Corina is always a great listener.”  


“I had a great and educational experience Corina”

Jamie D

“I am attracted to the complete professional services. l like the care of protection that is taken to no chance of cross contamination of utensils. I have been going a number of years now. Due to my unique medical foot problems, she has gone to extreme efforts to deal with these problem areas of mine. I like that she upgrades her qualifications to give more and better service. She is accommodating for emergencies. I have no problem recommending Above The Rest Esthetics.”

Billie Fossa

“Corina always makes my experience relaxing.  I feel pampered.”


"Corina, all the best to you!  You are the very best in the esthetic business!  I know because I have had treatments in many countries!  You can quote me on that!"

Vicki Kuhl

"I have been a very long time client of Corina’s at Above the Rest Esthetics; receiving a wide variety of services from pedicures to waxing to acrylic nails and much more.  I am always extremely satisfied with her service and the quality of treatments I receive.  Not only is Corina one of the most friendly Estheticians I have met, but more importantly the most competent.  Her knowledge and skill level far exceeds anyone else that I have seen in the past.  I recommend her to all of my friends and family without hesitation - she’s the best!"

Ashley Brilhante

"I am so thankful to have found Corina at Above the Rest Esthetics.  I look forward to my monthly medical pedicure, knowing I am in excellent hands and that my feet will look fabulous afterward. Corina has a way of making me feel comfortable and at ease with something that has been embarrassing in the past. The mixture of relaxation, beautification and therapy is the perfect combination!" 


"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about Corina’s wonderful  treatments. Every five weeks for the past 14 years I have had the “works’’ from her. It is hard to isolate any treatment to talk about, I am very pleased with them all."

Pat Watson

If you would like to add a testimonial please email me at the address below and I would be very happy to add it.  Thank you!